Beware the dangers of (anti)social media

This was a guest post published on Quest PR’s blog, garnering seven tweets:

With 25 per cent of our time spent on social networks and blogs – a 9% increase since 2007 – it’s hard to envisage our appetite for virtual voyeurism and sharing the banal minutiae of our life abating any time soon.

Where people gather in large numbers, be it physically or digitally, businesses try to get their voice heard – and the big brands often succeed. For example, on Facebook Nike is ‘liked’ by 2,129,862 acolytes and Aston Martin by 330,579, while on Twitter Marvel Entertainment boasts 78,087 followers and Starbucks 80,943.

However, while social media can give you impressive reach for a negligible investment, for all but the coolest of brands it’s fiendishly difficult to build and sustain an audience through a medium where billions of other websites are a few mouse clicks and keystrokes away.

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The secret millionaire and starting a marketing agency

I spoke to Liz Jackson MBE for this podcast interview about her experience on Channel Four show The Secret Millionaire and setting up Great Guns Marketing.

On Great Guns Marketing…

“We’re an outbound, business-to-business lead generation company, which means we makes sales appointments, book delegates into seminars, build databases, client engagement… that kind of activity.”

On the secret of her success…

“Predominantly I would say the talent within the business. The team of people we have here, both the leadership team and the telemarketers, who deliver projects for our clients, which makes a massive difference.

“For all entrepreneurs, we really covet a good team, and understanding who in our team has potential to go from good to great, and working out how you take that person from where they are to realising their full potential. So we work hard at that kind of stuff and it really does pay off.”

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“Viral hits can’t create sustainable sales alone”

Read article on Cadbury’s drum-playing gorilla is among many adverts whose long-term impact on sales is not commensurate with its huge impact as a ‘water-cooler hit’.

Tom Ellis of global branding agency 1HQ says that while a ‘viral’ hit can propel a brand briefly, durable success demands a broad-based branding strategy.

Speaking on a recent BusinessWings webinar, Ellis, who was brought to 1HQ last year from rival Big Green Door, cites McDonald’s as a prime example of a successful ad campaign buttressed by other innovations.

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