Jani King enters the big league

From BusinessWings: Now competing with the biggest players in the sector, Jani King is in the market for the very highest calibre of franchisees.

The franchise package offered by the commercial cleaning specialist, which counts Diesel, Pizza Hut, Travelodge, Odeon and Wagamama among its burgeoning client roster, has evolved to reflect the brand’s ascendance to the industry elite.

Ian Thomas, chairman of Jani King in the UK, explains why the company’s propulsion to the top end of the market has made the franchise opportunity even more lucrative: “Jani King’s success has always been built on the pursuit of high quality candidates – in fact, we deal with some contracts directly because we’ve been winning custom faster than we can find enough franchisees of the right calibre. We’d always rather wait for the right person than risk compromising brand standards in the delivery to the end-user customer.

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